“Far From Grey” Exhibition at Harmony in Soho, London

After a popular “Meet the Artist” evening at Harmony’s 3rd “boutique” store at 99a Charing Cross Road Robert’s unique, beautiful and extremely sexy artwork will adorn the walls and be available for sale and to order until the end of June.

April 3, 2014 by Nicci Talbot

“Fancy some saucy pics to go with with your vibrator, madam?”

Tonight is sex shop Harmony’s first foray into erotic art – a ‘meet the artist evening’ with Robert Babylon at their new boutique in Charing Cross Road. The aim is to provide a little sensory stimulation to fuel your fantasies while you shop…

‘Far from Grey’ is Robert’s biggest exhibition to date. His award-winning neon art work has been featured in the likes of SkinTwo and Jade magazines and he has exhibited around the world, including a solo exhibition at the World Erotic Art Museum on South Beach, Miami. In 2012 two pieces of his work were added to the permanent collection of Dr Naomi Wilzig – the fourth largest collection of fine art erotica in the world.

So it’s great to see he’s back in Soho, which is well known for its liberal sexual attitudes, though currently having a hard time of it with police raids and closures of various massage parlours.

“Having my work and my name on display in Soho, which some might say is the original sex capital of the world, is a great plus for me. My work is designed to appeal to all genders and sexualities and I have always believed that erotica should be enjoyed by everyone. By displaying in Harmony’s Soho store I hope it will enable people unfamiliar with erotic art work to get a taste for it and offer regular visitors to Soho a chance to see something new.”

Well it would be rude not to with affordable erotic art starting at £25 and gift cards from £4.

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