UV Art on Euston Tube Station

Just to let you know that my work has been accepted for exhibition on the London Underground. The exhibition has been organised through www.artbelow.org.uk who’s aim is to “Turn Ad Space Into Art”.

The first piece “3 UV Bottoms #1” will be put in place somewhere between 18th-22nd October and displayed for approximately two weeks at Euston Station -Northern Line Platform 6 Southbound [City Branch].

Truly Underground Erotic Art

Digital artist Robert Babylon’s erotic art has finally arrived on the main line under a scheme where art organisers www.artbelow.org.uk help artists display their work on international underground transport systems. Art Below, who have just completed an exhibition on the Tokyo Underground have awarded space to display the work of the fetish and erotic artist Robert Babylon on the London Underground.

Under a scheme which ‘turns ad space into art’ Robert Babylon’s acclaimed ‘3 UV Bottoms” has been turned into a 1.5m high poster for display alongside the more traditional commercial range of billboards.

The subterranean public display of Babylon’s work is somehow quite appropriate for this underground digital artist who’s work has, in the past, been more at home in venues like London’s Amora Academy in Piccadilly or the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.

Some who recall Babylon’s work being removed from the wall of a London gallery after fears that his images would upset certain religious groups or on another occasion being seized from the walls during a police raid might even consider this a brave move by Art Below. However Babylon’s work is more usually outrageously colourful than offensive and unusually for the usual perception of erotic work, is most popular amongst a female audience.

The chosen piece ‘3 UV Bottoms’ comes from a series of work entitled ‘The Fluoro Girls’ featuring the bottoms of three young women wearing UV reactive fishnet tights. The fishnet material glows in stunning contrast to the strange blue skin-tones created by the UV lighting under which the series was created.

The poster can be viewed in it’s intended location at London Underground’s Euston station from 22nd October for two weeks

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