The Guild of Erotic Artists’ Book – Vol 2


This is the Guild of Erotic Artists‘ second members’ portfolio. Entitled simply ‘The Guild of Erotic Artists Vol. II’, this A4 size, 200 page limited edition paperback has been written, produced and published by The Guild of Erotic Artists. It features a  six page portfolio of my work along with the work of 31 more of The Guild’s artists, photographers and sculptors and the background behind their skills. Artists include, among many others: Ray Leaning, Eve Poland and Ken Clarke.

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The Guild of Erotic Artists – The Guild of Erotic Artists – Volume 2

Whether you are a would-be photographer, an art student, or just interested in a good read, this book is a must. With a run of just 5,000 copies, the book is a Limited Edition – a collector’s item and an idea present. Copies bought from me are signed and dedicated on request.


Yet again, the Guild of Erotic Artists have proved their worth and produced a stunningly beautiful book highlighting the many diverse talents, skills, disciplines and gifts of its members. This is the second volume and a third is already being planned.

Thirty-two of the Guild’s members are showcased in this volume and with 200 pages of stunning erotic art, photography and sculpture it really is a treasure trove of the very best in modern erotica. The layout and printing are of the highest quality and the production team (all members of the Guild) are to be roundly applauded for creating such a wonderful portfolio.

There is a brief detailed introduction to the Guild (for those who don’t know who they are), and then it is straight into the work of the contributors, with not a single page or space wasted. This is a delightful book which would happily grace the coffee tables of the well heeled and well to do, as equally as it would enhance the literature collection of the true erotic art collector and connoisseur.

Leafing through this veritable feast of stunning art there is little room for doubt that the Guild is flourishing and is now at the very forefront of leading the revival of high quality erotica in all its shapes and forms. It is now high time the mainstream art world sat up and took notice – hopefully this book will enlighten them!

(JADE MAGAZINE – December 2008)